Friday, April 17, 2015

My Say... # 223

No person is ever incapable of anger. It is just that, one should never give anybody the privilege to make them angry.


  1. Do you mean that one should not give another the privilege of getting angry at him without a valid reason?

    1. Getting angry on an other person, even if that person is on the wrong side, is bad.
      Reason: first thing, you are not even sure if this other person is going to listen/understand your 'genuine' reason for getting angry. And even if he does, you don't know how far the person is going to correct himself, for what ever mistake he has done, for which you were angry on him.
      If the person doesn't understand why you showed your annoyance on him,it is going to only create differences. You are going to be in the stressful situation when people don't see your point.
      And lastly, even if we have a valid reason to get angry when someone goes wrong somewhere, we should do it only if you know that person really really well. And if you are really that close to the person, then you wouldn't want to try to correct that person with your anger.