Saturday, July 30, 2016

My Say... # 273

When there are no people around to confide in. I eat cakes to ease myself and then I don't find the need to confide into anyone.

My Say... # 272

Nothing in life is for free. Everything has a give and take policy.

My Say... # 271

Empathy is that word which, in reality, almost never manifests itself!

My Say... # 270

A lesson for life that is still hard on me. Never go to a fortune teller or astrologer. And don't  believe in one. No one deserves to tell what your future is going be like. You get to make your choices and lay the road and find a path to reach your Goal.
I once went to an astrologer with my parents, when I was in high school. With some information he was able to manipulate and make out what personalities we were. He even predicted till what age we will live. It is the worst thing ever to tell a person when they would die. It didn't effect me much in years after the forecast was made. But now that I live in a different country from where my parents do, there are days I miss them so much, I wake up in the middle of the night haunted by nightmares of losing my parents. I regret having heard that forecast. I hate astrology.

My Say... # 269

Only a person who is far away from all his old threads (family) will truly miss his people and try to tighten and secure  his threads. But among these people very few will reciprocate it from the other side. That's the irony of this busy life that people at some point will end up giving less importance to their threads.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Say... #268

Life is a race which can only be run by ones own self. Every one we come across in life are like hurdles or obstacles who will give their never ending advises or even try to divert away from one's goal. No family nor friend is ever going to come all the way to give that bottle of water. It's ones own self who gotta grab that water and work towards reaching the goal. Even if it has to do with losing on some relationships which may be like an extra road to confuse us.

Monday, July 18, 2016

My Say... # 267

One of the worst feelings I have ever experienced,  having visitors who make me feel uncomfortable in my own house.