Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Say... # 287

Not overcoming cultural bias can lead to racial tension

Saturday, December 16, 2017

My Say... # 286

One thing I have gotten better at in the past few years is to be more assertive and not be polite to everyone. Especially when we have people who can be insensitive about others choices or for people who show superiority, assertiveness and being true to oneself and standing for oneself is what brings their ego down.

My Say... # 285

Perfection or absolute (absoluteness) are words merely created to be in the dictionary. Nothing in this entire universe is perfect nor can anything tangible or intangible can ever be absolute.

My Say... # 284

If someone is known for their bad reputation among everyone around, this person should realize that there are many basic things they need to change in their behavior. Complaining about how others are treating this person is only going to make his/her reputation even worst.

My Say... # 283

When a person is intimidated, he/she can never work with their true potential.

My Say... # 282

 Racial discrimination can become more severe when one does  not over come cultural bias. In order to over come cultural bias one had to ask some questions even though it might be awkward. It is so much better than to draw conclusions without knowing the truth as to why some one might do something different from what one is used to.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Say... # 281

A businessman who looks out for his employees with the same interest he shows towards his long term customers is the truly successful one

My Say... # 280

It is less harm to be secretive about many things. It will avoid the obstacle of dealing with unnecessary envious and prejudice minds

My say... # 279

People around always have something to say no matter what one feels

My Say... # 278

To show tolerance and acceptance to everyone around, is the ultimate testimony