Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Say... # 172

Best Friends are not always going to be that way forever.


  1. Friendships are nurtured and kept warm by regular contacts.The moving away to a different place,getting busy with job and family and absence of contact gradually dilutes the intensity of the bond.

    1. agree completely with what you said. But what if we start having rules or set limitations to ourselves as we grow up? we all get matured and aren't the same as we used to be 10 years back. In spite of being in touch with my friends, I might not want to talk to them the same old childish way I used to. and If my friends don't change much from what I have known them before, I might not feel comfortable talking to them like before..

    2. When I have met my close friends of school or college days after a lapse of a few decades,I hardly find anything common to talk except the days,place or common friends.I found there was not much to discuss for an hour and that our interests have changed.This applies to office colleagues too

    3. :) I feel the same. Thanks for your comments!