Monday, August 11, 2014

My say... # 100

People and situations are two things which make me realize a lot of things, every passing day. One thing that I realize over and over is that people never  really grow up, they just learn to act when situations arise.

My 100th say is a special one, for I look back to the day I started this blog, going through the old quotations I made, may it be out of observation, experience or a result of my day dreaming, I laugh for myself, how situations have changed my thinking, every day passed by teaching me something new; yet there are these sayings i agree upon even after seven long years. I hope I continue writing on this blog no matter how busier life gets.

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  1. I have been missing this blog.I will see regularly henceforth.
    The font for the second para was too small and not reader friendly!!!!