Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My say... # 83

Curiosity is a good thing! When it's good, your mind creates questions, for which you can simply find answers. But as long as you are able to find the answers yourself, it turns out to be a good thing.

Curiosity may become a bad thing when it gets complicated. Complications generally happen with too many things involved. In this case too many people to ask answers from.
And when it gets complicated, curiosity may lead to confusion, confusion may lead to anxiety, anxiety may lead to frustration, frustration to depression,  and depression can be fatal.

So, curiosity did kill the cat!


  1. Curiosity opens new vistas and widens our knowledge.All progress in the humanity is due to some being curious to know more in whatever field they were interested.
    But curiosity in knowing others personal and private matters is a detestable trait.

  2. thats true, a person's curious minds is one reason for his progress, as long as he is cautious,that is. if not it can get regressive not just by the object of his curiosity but also bythe other factors that complicates his curiosity.

  3. rightly said .. i had experienced both side of it .. if you want you can read here