Friday, June 27, 2008

My say... # 14

A egoistic man can never maintain a good relationship with anyone.


  1. hmmm thats true....relations r maintained on faith and frndship..

  2. well... dont you think ego is necessary? A man or woman in love with themselves, do have a sound ego. And kets face it, once u love yourself, the world seems like such a wonderful place.

  3. [prav]
    how can one make the ppl around him happy if he is egoistic..
    may be the man himself will be happy but not the ppl around him.As far as happiness is concerned(to me) it lies in how u make ppl around u happy with ur little ways.
    And as far as i know,one shud forgive and forget,no matter what kind of relation he/she shares with another, and ppl with ego dont have a heart of forgiving some things.

  4. ong this is so true! I hv so many ppl in my life with a massive Ego lol!


  5. honestly! every individual has ego. what do you say archana? for example are you ready to accept that your friend is more beautiful than you? may be not! well you've got to balance this when required. it is must to put off ego when building relation, but dont forget u require ego when you take up any challenge to acheive something - when acheived ppl will still come close to you....